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My name is Ryan Knight, proud owner of RAK Photobooths.  Cleveland and Erie's Premier Photobooth Rental Company. 


RAK Photobooths is a great place to rent photo booths for your weddings and parties. There are numerous reasons why our company is considered to be the best in the business.

With the world of iPhones and Android phones, taking photos of practically everything has become a trend. We want to capture every moment of our lives, and it is because of this very reason that people in Cleveland are going for photo booth rentals for special occasions and parties. 


Photo booths are a really exciting and fun way to capture photos and memories in weddings and celebrations/parties.

We believe that our customers deserve the best and that is what


RAK Photobooths will give you. We are not just a photo booth rental company with a technician, but we give you an experience with a host. In fact, the whole concept of our business is to delight, to entertain and to deliver outstanding quality and service.

Our photo booths are fully automated and always ready to take your photo, but just to make sure that everything goes right, there is always an attendant close by making sure that every moment is picture perfect. As you and your friends enter the booth, the background of your choice will appear on one side of the booth, and the LCD screen, studio light and camera on the other side. Once you have entered the booth, the curtain will be closed to give you and your friends some privacy.

As you and your guests position themselves for a photograph, the LCD screen will be displaying instructions. You will also see a labeled illuminated start button, which should be pressed once you and your guests are all set for a pose. The instructions offered on the LCD screen are tips telling you about positioning the group in the center of the frame and reminds you to smile.

Golden Sparkles
Group Photo at a Party
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